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Transitlog / Giriş – Çıkış İşlemleri

Rudder Yachting and Ship Agency; International departure and domestic entry procedures are carried out for Foreign Flagged Private Boats and Foreign Flagged Commercial Boats.

The validity period of the Transitlog Documents of Foreign Flagged Boats in our country is 1 year.

Foreign Flag Boats Transitlog need to be renewed every year (Cruising Permit, Yacht Registration Document) stay in Turkey with documentation for 5 years.

In the document renewal and entry procedures of Foreign Flagged Boats; If it is over 30 net tons, a fee for a lighthouse is charged. You can find lighthouse fees on the website of the General Directorate of Coastal Security.

Foreign Flag of paperwork required to be supplied entirely smoothly navigate the boat in Turkey, it is important to have a permanent boat.

Documents required for smooth transitlog process;


-Current insurance policy

-Apostille (certificate of ownership)

-Captain appointment document

-Former transit-log

-Asset list

-Qualification certificates of yacht crew

Foreign flagged boat registrations must be registered on their behalf (individually) by persons who do not have a residence other than their own, since it is against the law, they must definitely register it on the foreign company.

Transit-log (Transitlog) transactions of foreign flagged boats lead to some additional procedures in commercial boats.

By the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, foreign flagged Commercial Yachts without Tourism Management Document, Full-sized X 50 EURO each course and in addition must pay their share of the fees 160,00TL Sectoral Services.

Among the commercial yachts that will enter European ports or marinas within the scope of Paris MOU, there are additional documents and applications requested by the relevant port states within the scope of Paris MOU. You can contact us to learn the necessary procedures in these areas and to get technical support.

Rudder Yachting and Shipping Agency; It carries out international / domestic exit and entry procedures on your behalf for Turkish Flagged Private Boats and Turkish Flagged Commercial Boats.

Documents Required for Turkish Flagged Private Boats;

-Recreational craft or Certificate of Registry

-Current insurance policy

-Captain authorization

-Former transit-log

-Qualification certificates of yacht crew

-Health documents of yacht personnel (yellow paper)

In addition to these for Turkish commercial boats; Seaworthiness certificate is required.

In this context, all commercial or private boats carrying the Turkish flag are obliged to carry out the necessary legal procedures by approving the transit-log (cruise voyage certificate) transactions by the relevant port authorities before each voyage. You can contact us to get service and learn the details in this field.

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