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Gümrüksüz Yakıt & ÖTV’siz Yakıt

Duty Free Fuel Procedures

Rudder Yachting and Shipping Agency meets the transit fuel needs of commercial yachts and ships with Foreign Flags that will sail abroad within the administrative port area (Fethiye Harbor Authority - Dikili Port Authority) specified by the Ministry.

It is essential that the relevant sea vehicle should sail abroad after the transit fuel is taken within the framework of legal procedures. yurt dışına seyir yapması esastır.

Transit fuel demands of the desired type and scale, including Marine Diesel and Euro Diesel are met by Rudder Yachting and Ship Agency.

It is important that the transit fuel purchased is definitely used on international sails. Transit fuel cannot be used on Cabotage sails.

With the transit fuel purchased, the sea vehicle must carry out the necessary entry and exit procedures at the international ports of destination through official channels. When the vessel enters Turkish territorial waters without entering any country's port, the tank reserved for transit fuel must be completely emptied. If the vessel does not fulfil this process, it is obliged to pay the tax on the fuel remaining in the tank.

Please contact us for your transit fuel needs and price information.

Special Consumption Tax Free Fuel

As of 01.01.2004, the use of fuel with zero SCT and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, in accordance with the General Communiqué of the List Application (I) List Application General Communiqué with the Turkish Flag, all commercial type marine vehicles, provided that they carry out commercial activities, benefit from the fuel application with zero SCT.

Rudder Yachting and Ship Agency offer you all the operational and documentation consultancy services required for the SCT Free Fuel Purchase Book (FPB) transactions.

  1. Ship Registry Certificate
  2. Certificate of Seaworthiness
  3. International Tonnage Certificate
  4. Tax Board
  5. Signature Circular in Case of the Owner of a Legal Entity
  6. Identity If Personal Firm
  7. 4 Commitments and Additional Commitments
  8. Chamber of Shipping Activity Certificate
  9. Photocopy of the province 7 pages of the previous FPB, if any, and pages related to fuel purchases

You can access the fuel purchase book applications of 2020 without SCT from the link

Please contact us for Fuel Purchase Book transactions.

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