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First Register/Vessel Buy-Sell Assistance

We register your ne vessel and buy/sell assistance via letter of attorney on behalf of you.

Please contact us for sample letter of attorney form.

Documents Requested for First Register;

1- Letter of application, definition of petition, name of signatory, title of signatory, address of the owner, Turkish Citizenship number and contact phone number. Provided by the owner or attorney.

2- Approval of Name: A petition to be written, taken from http://www.denizcilik.gov.tr/dm/ to get it approved by the related Port Authority.

3- Letter of Attorney: requested from Owner/owners’ attorneys.

4- Boat Building/Vessel Modification Invoice: Requested for new register and modification.

5- Wind Sail Invoice: Requested for new register and changes. According to Regulations for Recreational Crafts after 01.01.2008 requested for vessels present to the market and after 31.12.2011 for any engines to be run.

6- Picture of the vessel: 3 – Fore, side and stern, the name of the vessel and port must be readable, requested for vessels smaller than 15 metres.

Document which shows that mooring licence fee is paid.

We are also in service for expertise and follow up of the vessels that you want to sell/buy

For vessels please visit Brokerage page on our website.

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